HRW & Amnesty condemn Saudi airstrike on Yemeni factory with UK-made missile

The Saudi-led coalition is violating international humanitarian law by striking civilian targets in Yemen using UK-made missiles, two of the world’s most respected human rights agencies stated, urging London to pressure Saudi Arabia into opening a “credible investigation.”
An investigation by Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) into an attack on a Yemeni ceramics factory on September 23 discovered debris from UK-made PGM-500 Hakim missiles. The Marconi Dynamics-manufactured projectile fragments were found amid the rubble of an apparently civilian production facility.
“The attack on the factory in the Sanaa governorate, which appeared to be producing only civilian goods, killed one person, and was in apparent violation of international humanitarian law (IHL), the laws of war,” HRW and Amnesty said in a statement.