ISIS terrorists Surrendered to Iraqi Forces in Al-Khalediya Island

Wednesday, 3 August, 2016 - 09:45

ISIS terrorists are laying down arms and surrendering themselves after major victories by the Iraqi army and popular forces that led to the liberation of al-Khalediya Island in al-Anbar province.

Field sources report that ISIL terrorists are surrendering themselves in groups as soon as they come to realize that they have lost the battle in the region.

"In the most recent case, 4 ISIS members, one of them wounded, surrendered themselves after being surrounded by the Iraqi forces in one of the regions controlled by the terrorist group in al-Khalediya," a field source said on Tuesday.

The source added that the Iraqi forces purged Bu Hazim, Bu Jahas and al-Kartan districts in al-Khalediya Island of terrorists after killing tens of them.

They also surrounded the remaining ISIL militants in al-Waqe'a region of al-Khalediya, he said.

Head of Anbar Provincial Council Sabah Karhout declared the end of the liberation operations of Al-Khalediya Island on Monday.

"The Iraqi joint military forces have fully liberated the ISIL-controlled al-Khalediya Island located 23 kilometers to the East of al-Ramadi," Karhout said.

He reiterated that all regions of al-Khalediya Island are now under Iraqi security forces' control.

Al-Khalediya Island is located 80 kilometers to the West of Baghdad.