Lebanon wants to purchase "Cornet" missiles, cannons and tanks "T-72" from Russia

Monday, 11 July, 2016 - 15:15

Lebanese Ambassador to Russia, Shawki Bou Nassar stressed that Lebanon is interested in importing weapons from Russia to fight terrorism, and asked, anti-tank "Cornet" rocket systems,  guns and tanks "T-72" for this purpose.

The ambassador said Bou Nassar in an interview with the agency, "Sputnik": "Lebanon needs to get arms to confront terrorism, Beirut needs in particular, to the Russian anti-tank missile systems " Cornet ", we are still conducting negotiations with the Russian side to get this type of weapon, this is very important, discuss the details will be at the expert level. "

Bou Nassar added: "Lebanon has asked these missiles, and other than cannons and tanks" T-72 ". The Russian side promised to update the systems of these tanks, because Lebanon asked to import these tanks , of course, also asked ammunition for guns, and all this in order to fight terrorism. "
The Lebanese ambassador, expressed his country's hope to obtain the required weapons within one year, said that the main issue lies in reaching a final agreement on the price of these weapons. Note that the Russian side promised to study the request of Lebanon, of reducing the price of this transaction, in addition to that Lebanon requested to obtain hovercraft aircraft [helicopter].

The Lebanese diplomat He said : "Six or seven years ago , Russia has promised Lebanon to provide it with eight or nine hovercraft aircraft. It has yet to be accomplished. "

Lebanese ambassador seal his speech by saying: "I believe that a delegation from Lebanon, will arrive to Moscow to sign the contract, or vice versa, the Russian delegation arrives to Beirut. So far, no major dates for this agreement, and the work is to determine them. "