Orwellian future: Virginia Police are exercising for riot suppression

Friday, 29 July, 2016 - 18:30

Video footage of the exercise shows officers in riot gear pushing back unruly demonstrators.

HPD corporal Wayne Westfall also cited the SpringFest disturbance of 2010, during which a block party turned into a riot, as another reason for the training.

“It happens all the time in our day and age. An ounce of preparation. It’s good to be prepared,” said officer Geoffrey Bechtel.

Cops in Virginia are by no means the only law enforcement outfit gearing up for potential domestic disorder. As we reported back in April, the Department of Homeland Security oversaw drills during which Texas police practiced conducting mass arrests.

Since the start of the year, police departments across the country have been buying riot gear in expectation of more Ferguson-style civil unrest sweeping the country.

Top insurer Lloyds also released a report that warned of a “pandemic” of global civil unrest that could go viral, while panicked elitists have been busy preparing for doomsday scenarios by purchasing luxury underground survival bunkers to protect them from the “general public.”

Silicon Valley insiders are also buying large amounts of land so they can build secret compounds to seclude themselves away.

Millionaires have also been fleeing from major cities like Chicago due to concerns over racial tensions and rising crime rates, while the wealthy are also installing panic rooms in their big city apartments for the same reason.