Staff Reshuffle in Regional administration

Thursday, 28 July, 2016 - 16:30

Several Serious rearrangements have occurred today in the government of Russia.

Perhaps the most important of them is the President's decision to remove Zurabov Russian ambassador in Ukraine from the office.

This has occurred simultaneous with  the inclusion of  the Crimea and Sevastopol in the Southern Federal District, Vice-Admiral Oleg Belavenets, who led the Crimean district, transferred to a similar position in the North-Caucasian district. Another silovik Sergey Melikov was also appointed First Deputy Director of the Federal Service of  the National Guard troops.

Nikolai Tsukanov  has been appointed as the representative of the North-West Federal District and dismissed from Kaliningrad  region

Plenipotentiary of the Siberian District Nikolai Rogozhkin was also dismissed. Sergei Menyailo was appointed as Head Siberia and in turn dismissed from the position of the governor of Sevastopol.

In addition, the expected was dismissal of the famous thief and liberal Belykh has happended. He is to be replaced by Igor Vasiliev, who had led the “Rosreestr”.

The Governor of the Yaroslavl Region resigned at his own request.  Former deputy interior minister Dmitry Mironov was appointed  in his place.

These appointments followed the resignation of the head of the Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov.

Former presidential envoy of the Northwestern Federal District, FSB officer Vladimir Bulavin.was appointed as the new head of the Federal Customs Service.

This changes follow one formula, the pro-liberal and corrupt staff which was unsupported by the people are being replaced by the patriot siloviks.

Background on this from Katehon:

The new reforms in the Russian security services are being discussed against the background of an historical standoff with the West and the US, especially after Russia's reunification with Crimea, the Donbass war, and Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict. The complexity of new challenges leads to the strengthening of forces loyal to the President.

To counter the West, providing internal security and fighting against the liberals of the fifth and sixth columns need a strong special services. Creating MGB complements the creation of the new security services of the National Guard. The day before, President Putin signed a law establishing it.