Summary of anti-terrorist operations of the Syrian army for the 7th of October

Friday, 7 October, 2016 - 15:30

In Aleppo:

In Aleppo army unit took control of the strategic heights Ash Sheikh Said, towering over the Al-Amer and Al Sukkar.

This made it possible to carefully monitor the movement of terrorists in these blocks, in order to force them to surrender.

In Homs:

In the east of Homs province in Al-Barid area Syrian forces destroyed a car bomb of the ISIS terrorists  before it managed to approached one of the military points.

In Idleb:

In the province of Idleb in the area of Al-Dana Syrian Air Force  defeated terrorist training camp of "Jaish al-Fath," neutralizing lots of the terrorist - some destroyed, some wounded.

In Hama:

In Hama province north of the village and the area Aydun Tlyul Al-Homr 30 km from the city of Salam, Syrian military aircraft bombed the hideouts of ISIS terrorists.

Dozens of them were destroyed, as well as a lot of pieces of their military equipment.

In the north of the province in the settlements of al-Zalyakiyat, Suran, Hafsin, Tleysiya and Skeyk, Syrian Air Force attacked a cluster of terrorists of  "Jaish al-Fatah", causing them heavy losses in manpower and equipment, including armored cars equipped with machine guns.

In Daraa:

In the Daraa city Syrian forces destroyed a number of fortifications, observation points and many units of terrorist groups.


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