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Title Datesort ascending Language
Quem realmente quer guerra na Ucrânia? 27.02.2022 Portuguese, Brazil
Chi vuole veramente la guerra in Ucraina? 26.02.2022 Italian
Who Really Wants the War in Ukraine? 25.02.2022 English
El Neogramscismo occidental: Tendencias y problemas actuales 29.08.2020 Spanish
Tibor Imre Barani: ¿Quién es el enemigo de la identidad húngara? 17.08.2020 Spanish
Alan Soral: Francia está en el umbral de la dictadura 13.08.2020 Spanish
"La historia de una ciudad": De Glupov al apocalipsis 30.05.2020 Spanish
Foucault bajo cuarentena: El coronavirus visto por los filósofos de "izquierda" 06.05.2020 Spanish
Foucault under Quarantine: coronavirus viewed from “The Left” 29.04.2020 English
Adnan Azzam: The Syrian war is a media war 09.02.2020 English
Tibor Imre Baranyi: Who is the Enemy of Hungarian Identity? 06.08.2018 English
Zoltán Kiszelly: Hungary can win the political battle with Brussels 29.04.2018 English
Alexander Dugin: Visegrád Group as the Project of the Greater Eastern Europe 27.04.2018 English
Istvan Lovas: In Hungary the media are much freer than in Germany or in France 08.04.2018 English
Zoltán Kiszelly: The prognosis for Hungarian elections 2018 07.04.2018 English
György Schöpflin: Illiberalism of Orban, modern Hungary and positions of Fidesz 13.03.2018 English
László Toroczkai: We can save Europe from migrants – Ásotthalom is a good example 02.03.2018 English
Social Networks Could Become Instruments of a New Apartheid 20.02.2018 English
“White, Happy, and Dancing”: Participants of a Hungarian Competition Have Been Excluded for “Propagating a Christian Europe” 19.02.2018 English