Tayyab Baloch

Tayyab Baloch is a Pakistan based journalist and regional security expert, He keenly observes developments regarding world affairs, Specially China's Belt Road initiatives, US-Russia relations, Eurasian integration, and BRICS/SCO.

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Cambio de régimen en Pakistán: mitos y realidades 14.04.2022 Spanish
Eurasian Judicial cooperation: Judicial Reform Process in Pakistan is a remedy for Regional Integration 30.08.2018 English
Challenges to New Democratic Government in Pakistan 23.08.2018 English
Number game: Who will be the Future of Pakistan? 29.07.2018 English
Election 2018: Election or Selection? 26.07.2018 English
Unmasking Terrorism: Pakistan and the Manipulation of the Media 02.06.2018 English
Russia-Pakistan Military Cooperation Challenges U.S. over Afghanistan 07.05.2018 English
Bajwa Doctrine: Why Pakistan has to Modify its National Security? 17.04.2018 English
Russiagate: Not Russia but CA/SCL Group Hacked American Democracy 18.03.2018 English
Hacking Democracy; Cambridge Analytica Turns to Pakistan 13.03.2018 English
Cui bono: Who sets Pakistan on fire over the finality of Prophethood? 01.12.2017 English
 Af-Pak Strategy; Indian Arrow in the Pentagon Quiver 24.10.2017 English
End to Please-Punch Approach: No More Instead of Do More 28.08.2017 English
Shaping the Multipolar Future of World 10.08.2017 English
Endless War vs Peace in the XXI Century 29.05.2017 English
Why Washington Walked Away from Moscow-led Afghan Peace Talks 14.04.2017 English
Soros Media Plots Color Revolution in America 08.02.2017 English
Changing the region: Pakistan-Russia Alignment Shapes Regional Friendship 30.01.2017 English
Sufi Orders in Pakistan 13.01.2017 English
Peace in the Heart of Asia 16.12.2016 English
WW3 Military Buildup: Will Putin’s Druzhba-Dosti Diplomacy work in the Indo-Pacific Rim? 28.10.2016 English
Asian Water Crises in the Shadow of Nuclear War 06.10.2016 English
New Global Security Model for Multipolar World 24.08.2016 English
Militancia, terrorismo y cambio de régimen en Pakistán 14.07.2016 Spanish
Patriotismo VS nacionalismo en Pakistán 07.07.2016 Spanish