Walt Garlington

Walt Garlington is a chemical engineer turned writer (and, when able, a planter). He makes his home in Louisiana of Dixie and is editor of the 'Confiteri: A Southern Perspective' web site.'

Author publications

Title Datesort ascending Language
Giappone e Dixie: cosa hanno in comune due popoli soggiogati dall'impero yankee 28.06.2022 Italian
Japan and Dixie: What Two Peoples Subjugated by the Yankee Empire Have in Common 27.06.2022 English
Restituire la sanità spirituale agli Stati Uniti 16.06.2022 Italian
Returning Spiritual Sanity to the United States 15.06.2022 English
La Lega di San Brendano 02.06.2022 Italian
The League of Saint Brendan 02.06.2022 English
Who Will Fight for Freedom in the US? 03.03.2022 English
In Defense of the South 01.02.2022 English
America’s Absent Mission 05.01.2022 English
An Invitation to the Metaverse 03.12.2021 English
An Independent Dixie and Relations with Latin America 10.11.2021 English
Poland Must Maintain Her Sovereignty 03.11.2021 English
Individualism Is Death 08.10.2021 English
A Note of Sympathy to France from the South 29.09.2021 English
What the Taliban Victory Means for Dixie 24.08.2021 English
How not to Interpret the French Revolution 05.07.2021 English
Conservatism in the United States 07.06.2021 English
The South and Palestine 27.05.2021 English
Ripristinare un'aristocrazia terriera 07.05.2021 Italian
Appreciating the English Inheritance of the South 20.04.2021 English
La distorsione dell'Uomo nell'Occidente del dopo scisma 20.02.2021 Italian
The Distortion of Man in the Post-Schism West 15.02.2021 English
The Greatest Generation 14.01.2021 English
Will the United States Remain a Republic? 11.11.2020 English
The Role of Relics in America 11.09.2020 English