Canceling Russian reserves boomerangs to a new international monetary system


The reality is that the present military operation in Ukraine, in due time, will be relegated to little more than a footnote in global history, yet the total financial war which has repercussed onto Russia will be key in defining the upcoming new world order. In fact, we may have already witnessed the moment economic history changed tracks: On 26 February, the collective West seized all the foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia that were held in the West.



The war in Ukraine has created a sense of a comprehensive review of US foreign policy since the 9/11 attacks, which has given the US global mission a new lease on life and paved the way for an equal strategic relationship with allies and adversari

Crisis in Ukraine


Russia has repeatedly warned, beginning with Vladimir Putin's now famous 2007 Munich speech, that it perceives further NATO expansion eastward as an existential threat and that such Western behavior can only lead to heightened instability and coll