The Power Of The Pakistani People Will Defeat Their Unpopular Imported Government


The power of the people is unbeatable whenever the people are truly united behind a cause greater than themselves such as their country’s sovereignty and anything related to its existential defense. Pakistanis both present and past have suffered so much to preserve their hard-earned independence and won’t let it be stolen from them by elite echelons who betrayed the social contract between citizens and the state under the influence of a foreign party.

Iran Proudly Embraces Its Geo-Economic Role In Integrating Eurasia


Ultimately, it was Iran and not Pakistan that ended up being the global pivot state after the latter abandoned this role upon the successful US-orchestrated regime change against former Prime Minister Khan, thus ceding it entirely to the neighboring Islamic Republic that’s now closely cooperating with Islamabad’s Indian rivals to create a third pole of influence with Russia.

Terror from Balochistan: a menacing tool to disrupt Sino-Pakistani economics


A Baloch suicide bombing targeting Chinese workers in Karachi comes a mere month after the US-backed ousting of PM Imran Khan. Pakistan is a critical BRI hub in Beijing's vast Eurasian connectivity project, and it looks like CPEC is the ultimate target of this disruption.

Imran Khan’s Multipolar Legacy Can’t Ever Be Fully Dismantled


It's difficult to predict what’ll happen next in Pakistan, a country that’s always been characterized by political intrigue and sudden radical changes that oftentimes catch many off guard, but it’s clear that Imran Khan’s multipolar legacy can’t ever be fully dismantled. For however imperfect his premiership was, there’s no denying that it was immensely impactful in terms of reshaping perceptions at home and abroad, including through its multipolar National Security Policy.