Geopolitical significance of the Battle of Molodi and the Special Military Operation


In the days from 9 July to 2 August 2022, the 450th anniversary of the victory of the Russian army in the battle of Molodi occurs. In its meaning, this battle is comparable to the battle for Moscow in the Great Patriotic War. At least that's how the greatest contemporary specialist of the Russian Middle Ages, the historian Dmitry Volodikhin, considers it. As in 1941, in 1572 the very existence and geopolitical future of the Russian state was at stake. Now in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the stakes are just as high.

Russian-Ethiopian Relations Are The Perfect Model Of Multipolar Partnership


These civilization-states have always had leading roles in their parts of the world all throughout history, and they’re once again taking up the mantle of leadership when everyone needs their guidance the most. The chaotic transition to multipolarity has prompted plenty of confusion among many across Afro-Eurasia, hence the importance of Russia and Ethiopia clarifying matters for everyone and showing them all the most effective way to manage these unpredictable processes.

Import substitution and its consequences


Currently, the authorities and society, beyond the war, are mainly concerned with how to adapt to the new conditions. What is new about these conditions is that we have been excluded from the West and have excluded the West from ourselves. Not that this is something completely new and unprecedented: in our history, we have very often found ourselves in this kind of relationship with the West. It is no big deal, and nothing terrible will happen this time. However, our lives will change significantly.