Canceling Russian reserves boomerangs to a new international monetary system


The reality is that the present military operation in Ukraine, in due time, will be relegated to little more than a footnote in global history, yet the total financial war which has repercussed onto Russia will be key in defining the upcoming new world order. In fact, we may have already witnessed the moment economic history changed tracks: On 26 February, the collective West seized all the foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia that were held in the West.

Oil Politics

The plight of middle east and the  imperialistic ideas of US is going to increase the crisis of World. The war with Iran will make the world a battlefield. The war of US is always the politics of other means.

News of Oil Markets

3. February 2018 - 10:27

Oil prices seesawed over the past few days, but look poised to close out the week flat compared to last week.