The Pole of the Russian Circle: Moscow’s Place in the Sacred Geography of Russia


rom the point of view of sacred geography, the firmest and most operative construction is full-fledged and complete Moscow-centrism, the idea of Russia as a wheel turning around a center. Concentric psychology is deeply rooted in our people. In this case, Russia is the total opposite of the US, the mythological geography of which was from the very beginning fragmented and individualized.

Can Rouhani Win a Second Term in Iran?


Preparations for presidential elections which will be held on 19 May 2017 have begun in Iran with the announcement that Hassan Rouhani is the first person nominated for the presidential race. But in spite of this, some analysts suggest that Rouhani, who came to power in 2013 promising to resolve the nuclear issue and expand the margin of freedoms and improve the economic situation, may not be able easily to win a second presidential term, as was the case with all ex-presidents in Iran, with the exception of the first unstable period of the Islamic revolution.