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Russia's special military operation in Ukraine began late last February after Moscow threw in the towel and surrendered to the evidence that neither Kiev nor Washington was in any way willing to provide those reasonable guarantees of security and stability for the Russian Federation that the Kremlin had long demanded.


Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt: "The empire in spite of everything". How Eurasianism is changing the world


We publish, at the request of Zavtra's friends, the interview by Olga Andreeva with the Russian artist Alexey Guintovt, representative of the New Seriousness school, born in the early nineties on the banks of the Neva River. His powerful imagery, in the Muscovite manner, paradoxically combines the traditions of Russian Orthodox icon painting with the trends of the Russian Avant-garde and Constructivism, the totalitarian classicism of the great Soviet style with the formal "artificiality" of American Pop-Art. The works of Guintovt, already Kandinsky Prize several times, are exhibited in the largest museums around the world.