Until a few years ago, Africa was at a standstill. After the first wave of decolonization in the 1960s, the new African regimes experimented with all the political ideologies of the so-called "modern" era. This process has led to the emergence of liberal, nationalist, communist or socialist societies in postcolonial countries.

The Eurasian Century has already begun


Until recently, America was a growth opportunity for the rest of the world. Now, having turned protectionist and actively interfering in the economies of allies, enemies and neutrals alike, it is a threat to other nations’ growth. Eurasia and the rest of the world don’t have to take it and they won’t.

Principles for Comprehending Chinese Civilization


As is the case with any people, in examining the Chinese it is difficult to definitively determine just which layer of identity, which is necessarily multilayered and dialectically changing in its proportions over time, ought to be taken as our point of reference.

Introduction: The Aims and Tasks of Noomakhia


The title of Noomakhia, which literally means “war of the mind” (Noomachy) [4] – and which can also be conceived of as “war within the mind”, “war of minds”, or even “war against the mind” – is intended to emphasize the conflictual nature of logoi structures as well as the multiplicity of noetic fields in each of which surprises, conflicts, aporias, struggles, contradictions, and opposition lie in wait for us.

Sacred Communities and The Emergent Multipolar Landscape


The righteous and the God-fearing will prevail and inherit the Earth, and this is because the universe that our Maker has created is a moral universe, which means that while things might become temporarily displaced as a result of the wicked taking undue advantage of the limited freedom of will that God has granted them for a limited time, God’s order will ineluctably be restored in the long term and when all is said and done.