On the Activities of Foreign Banks in Russia


One of the main targets of the Western sanctions war against Russia has become the banks. Particularly severe sanctions have been imposed on Russian banks that are on Washington's SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) list. This is a blacklist of persons and organizations with whom US citizens and permanent residents are prohibited from doing business. The list is maintained by OFAC, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department. The inclusion of a bank on the SDN list, among other punitive measures, includes the freezing of its assets in the US.

Sri Lanka Warned That The West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions Will Starve The Global South


Wickremesinghe represents Sri Lanka, which has become a symbol of the fate that might soon befall countless other countries across the Global South. It’s therefore important to inform the masses of his crucial first-hand insight into the crushing effect that the US-led West’s anti-Russian sanctions are expected to have on food security in developing countries.