Francisco José Luis

Dr. Francisco José Luis was born and brought up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in a working class Portuguese immigrant family. After completing his secondary studies he moved to Paris where he completed two separate licenses (B.A.) and two separate maîtrises (M.A.) in the fields of French/Comparative Literature and South Asian studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III). He then moved to London to do his Ph.D. at the School of Oriental and African Studies on pre-reformist Sikhism, an almost unexplored field for which he spent several years living in immersion among traditionalist Sikhs. While completing his Ph.D. Dr. Luis taught Indian religions and Panjabi at the School of Oriental Studies, taught French literature in Luxembourg, wrote articles on Shi’ah mysticism in the Iranian press as a reporter for a magazine in Iran, and taught several seminars at the French Institute of Tehran present.

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