Geopolitical Forecast for November 7th-13th


Monday, November 7th


St. Petersburg. Russia. November 7th-8th. Talks between Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the framework of the 21st regular meeting of the heads of state of Russia and China.


Bali.Indonesia. November 7th-10th. 85th session of the general assembly of Interpol.

Istanbul. Turkey. Meeting of the Working Group for Economic Cooperation between the Black Sea and the European Union.


Switzerland. Planned beginning of a new phase of negotiations the leaders of the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus with the participation of UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon.

North America

New York. USA. Meeting of the UN General Assembly, which will discuss the issue of expanding the Security Council.

New York. USA. Open debate in the Security Council on peacekeeping operations and asymmetrical threats facing the members of the missions in hot spots.

Washington. USA. Conference of the International Monetary Fund titled "Tax Policy and Gender Equality" with the participation of Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Washington. USA. IMF Board of Directors will consider a new program of credit support for Moldova in the amount of 179 million dollars.

Tuesday, November 8th


Aomori. Japan. November 8th-9th. The first UNESCO symposium on the future of education for sustainable development.

North America

USA. Presidential elections. Hillary Clinton claims the post of president for the Democratic Party along with Timothy Kane as vice president. The Republican Party has put forward Donald Trump and Michael Pence.

USA. Elections to the Senate and House of Representatives of the US Congress. 34 of the 100 Senators and all 435 members of the House of Representatives will be elected.

New York. USA. Debate in the UN Security Council dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New York. USA. Consultations on the UN Security Council devoted to Somalia and Eritrea.

Puerto Rico. Elections to the Legislative Assembly (bicameral parliament) of the freely associated state.

USA. Vote on the legalization of marijuana. In Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, and Florida, a plebiscite will determine the need to use the drug for medical purposes as a painkiller medication. In the states of Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, voters will be asked to speak about the possibility of the use of marijuana "for fun".

Wednesday, November 9th


Moscow. November 9th-12th. Eurasian Book Fair.

Minsk. Belarus. Scheduled meeting of the Contact Group for the settlement of the situation in Ukraine.


Budapest. Hungary. November 9th-10th. Conference of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development themed "Improvement of growth, competitiveness and investment." The participation of Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, EBRD President Sumi Chakrabarty, etc. is expected.

Jerusalem. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's visit. The program includes talks with Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, and a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin. Medvedev is scheduled to sign several bilateral, interdepartmental documents with Israel.

North America

New York. USA. The meeting of the UN General Assembly featuring s report of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

New York. USA. Briefing and consultations in the UN Security Council on the situation in Iraq and activities launched in the country.

New York. USA. The UN Security Council is expected to renew measures to combat piracy in Somali waters that expire on November 10th.

Thursday, November 10th


Bangalore. India. November 10th-11th. The second meeting of the ministers of communications and information technologies of the BRICS countries. 


Paris. France. Publication of the monthly report of the International Energy Agency on the state of the world oil market.

North America

New York. USA. Meeting of the UN General Assembly, which will elect 18 members of the Economic and Social Council.

New York. USA. Briefing of the UN Security Council on peacekeeping operations.

San Francisco. USA. November 10th-12th. Annual meeting of the US-Russia Business Council.


Cape Town. South Africa. Parliament will consider a resolution declaring no confidence in President Jacob Zuma, whom the opposition suspects to have used his official position for personal gain.


World Science Day for Peace and Development.

Friday, November 11th


Moscow. 11th Eurasian Economic Integration International Conference organized by the Eurasian Development Bank.


Vienna. Austria. Publication of the monthly report of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on the situation in the oil market.

Minsk. Belarus. Ministerial consultations on the cooperation of CIS member states with the OSCE.


Palestine. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's visit and negotiations with the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, including visits to cultural sites built with Russian assistance.

Bangalore. India. Meeting of the ministers of communications of BRICS countries.

South America

Caracas. Venezuela. Next scheduled meeting between representatives of the government and the opposition to discuss how the country out of the crisis.

Saturday, November 12th


Azerbaijan. November 12th-18th. Large-scale exercises of the armed forces practicing the verification of command and control systems and weapons in the field. Up to 60,000 soldiers will participate, including 50 aircraft and helicopters and more than 150 tanks and armored vehicles.

Sunday, November 13th


Kunming. China. November 13th-18th. Joint Sino-American exercises of humanitarian assistance and rescue operations. The Chinese side will involve 134 troops, and the US - 89.

Dubai. UAE. November 13th-14th. Annual meeting of the Global Future Council.


Moldova. The second round of presidential elections. The participants are Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon and the head of the Party of Action and Solidarity, Maia Sandu.