Obama and Hollande: an anti-terrorist alliance?

The meeting of Hollande with Obama is geopolitically symbolic, it means that France intends to join the American pole in anti-terrorist work. The fact that Hollande begins to build an anti-terrorist coalition after visiting the Atlanticist powers (a meeting with Cameron took place on November 23rd, 2015) shows his geopolitical priorities. On November 23rd, 2015 – meeting with David Cameron, November 24th, 2015 – with the US;, and only at the end of the week will he meet with Vladimir Putin. Today there exists two poles fighting against terrorism: thalassocratic (represented by US, UK, NATO and all, who are supporting American liberalism) and tellurocratic (Russian Federation, BRICS) poles. In the thalassocratic Atlanticist pole they have their main enemy – ISIS and terrorism, but if we make a deeper analysis we will see that the situation is more complicated. The US declares war against terrorism but in fact it supports terrorism to modulate a controlled chaos in the middle east and further: like in in Europe where it exploits the liberal doctrine of tolerance and the concept of “free borders”. The Atlanticists are openly financing the Free Syrian Army, the US indeed was destabilizing the situation within in Syria from 2011 onward, and engendered the rise of ISIS. The Russian Federation - representing the tellurocratic Continental pole - on the other hand, has consistently supported Bashar Al-Asad in order to have Syria as one of possible allies in the creation of a multipolar world.

• The French case (Friday the 13th) is similar to the terrorist attack on the US on September 11th. After the terrorist attack, the US improved and enlarged its control over civilians. The same scenario is realized now in France by the French government: the measures of security are strongly reinforced and it means the toughening of control and the broadening of the term ‘’terrorist”. Anybody who opposes the so-called social-democratic French government can be qualified as a potential terrorist. It will mean the diminution of the liberty in France.

• The legitimacy of the present French president in the view of French people is becoming increasingly weak. The terrorist attacks of November 13th, 2015 revealed to the French people the inability of the French government to control the internal political situation. And furthermore meeting with Obama – whose hidden aim is the destabilization of Europe – is the last step in it. This can affect the results of the Socialist Party during upcoming regional elections scheduled for December 6th, 2015.