'Axes' as weapons of hybrid war


The man who attacked train passengers in Germany with an axe, turned out to be a refugee from Afghanistan. The 17-year-old Afghan man recently arrived in Germany and at first was staying in the center for refugees, and then was placed in a foster family. It is reported that the young man had an ISIS flag in his room. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The evil of liberalism

The attack in the Bavarian train demonstrates the failure of the EU and Germany's migration policy, in particular. Thousands of Islamists arrived in Europe together with the refugees. In addition, the Wahhabi network exists among migrants who are second and third generation. Liberal ideology, according to which the identity of migrants is of no importance, and prioritizes above all the fact of their membership in the human race ( "human rights"), merely panders to attract the new masses of third world countries who are hostile to the norms that dominate modern European society.

Elements of hybrid war

The attack took place in Germany just a few days after the bloody terrorist attack in Nice, France. Increased terrorist activity, including lone-wolf attacks coordinated through media and social technology, are elements of the hybrid war strategy that the US deploy's in Europe (against France and Germany after Brexit), Eurasia (the events in Armenia, Kazakhstan, coup attempt in Turkey ). We should expect new attacks and attacks in these countries. In addition to this is the fact that Russia is at risk as well.