Bashar al-Assad renews commitment to amnesty


Syrian President Assad has renewed his commitment to the amnesty program, to demonstrate his resolve to end this conflict. The amnesty deal is based upon the basic idea that if so-called moderate rebels or Syrian nationals lay down their arms, they can be pardoned

The setting in Aleppo

A group of several hundred terrorists has been surrounded by government forces in Aleppo, with some of them being ready to give up. Whether the organization they belong to is a terrorist organization it is not mentioned: the amnesty also does not apply to foreign mercenaries.

The role of Russia

Earlier, Moscow has asked Syria's leadership to grant amnesty to those who are willing to lay down their weapons and who were not involved in the commission of serious crimes. Together with work through diplomatic channels and the actions of the Russian armed forces to eliminate the terrorists, this measure can be very effective for the speedy end of this disastrous conflict.