India may avail Pandemic as Opportunity to impose war on Pakistan

Amid Pandemic devastations, where the whole world is over-engaged in its fight against virus, India, availing this opportunity, has increased violations of Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan. India has intensified its military operation in Jammu and Kashmir, and Muslims all over India. What India want to achieve through heightened tension with Pakistan? As a matter of fact, humiliating defeat on its border with China in Ladakh, India wanted to score points from Pakistan as compensation. India feels that China and other countries (International Community) in the face increased economic recession caused by the Pandemic would lose their political priorities while India taking advantage of the situation would come out stronger as Modi is following the doctrine of 'golden opportunity.'
A long history as Jammu and Kashmir remains the core issue that is still unresolved after more than Sever decades when it was brought before the UNSC in 1948 by India itself while Pakistan claims it to be unfinished agenda of the partition of Sub-continent in August 1947. Since 1947, people of Kashmir were struggling for their right of self-determination provided by UNSC resolutions. But it turned into an insurgency in the 1990s. 
On August 05, last year, the Modi government changed the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by revoking Article 370 and 35 A, contrary to its constitution and the international law and conventions. Since then, lockdown is clamped on the occupied valley, depriving the population of basic necessities and communication channels while efforts are also on to change the demography of the territory.
The over 9 lac Indian military forces are engaged in all sorts of brutality against the innocent people in pursuit of BJP's RSS-led agenda of Hindu supremacy. On the diplomatic front, the Modi government-directed two officials of Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi to leave the country, violating the Geneva Convention.
It is not the one-off incident as the Modi government is continuously provoking Pakistan with firing on civilian population along the Line of Control as well as by sending surveillance drones into Pakistan-controlled territories. Although, Pakistan shot downed its unmanned drones, yet It has also further been threatening to launch another.  India has known for its false-flag operations against Pakistan, and there are clear indications for new ones. The troop's movements and deployment are a clear indication of war preparations. 
Apparently, India is pushing ahead with its agenda of Hindu supremacy along with appeasement of its foreign masters led by Jewish lobby as a former Indian diplomat says the tension should not be seen in isolation as revocation of Article 370 and 35A that gave special status to Kashmir also brought Ladakh under federal administration, which is unacceptable to either China or Pakistan. It is an open violation of the UN, International Norms, and bilateral agreements.    
Under Modi, India enjoys President Trump's support and preferential treatment. Either political or diplomatic,  Trade & Commerce,  Defense or economic, on all fronts, Trump-Administration is extending unconditional support to Modi-Government. Trump-Administration kept silent on Indian record violations of Human Rights and violations of religious freedom. India has become the largest beneficiary of US-Aid after Israel. 
India received excessive American-help to "Counter and Contain China," but unfortunately, India is using all weapons and technology gained from the US against Pakistan. The US wanted India to counter China and contain China, which India has no desire, no intention, and no capability, but contrarily confronting Pakistan. There is sufficient evidence that the US  and Israel backed India during the last year's February limited-escalation. The technology, weapons, and even personnel used in surgical strikes were not all Indian in origin. 
Pakistan is keeping the International community informed with Indian ill-designs and appeals for preventive measures in advance. India and Pakistan both are nuclear states, and any Indian-misadventure may cost a complete human-disaster. Save Humanity!