Liberal dictatorship in the West

The following is from an interview transcript


It is really interesting to look at this question because President Obama, who has just departed and passed his position on to newly arrived President Trump, is a perfect example of liberal dictatorship in the West.

He was elected as this "new man". In part, because he was young, but also because he has an African-American heritage. If we look at his legacy now, eight years later, we see that in some ways he outdid President Bush. There are statistics for 2016 where it is documented that Obama dropped tens of thousands of bombs on seven different countries. Therefore, this is a perfect example of how the ideology of liberalism that dominates the West functions. You basically have a person who looks different but for various reasons things are exactly the same as with his predecessor, who has a completely different ethnic background. So, it's very easy to look at other examples and see what the word "liberalism" actually promotes in terms of human rights and all these nice things that are actually not going on.

You can look at three wars that are happening right now - in Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine. We have all major human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch promoting what they euphemistically call "moderate rebels" but who essentially cooperate with terrorist groups. They  basically use this terror groups against the legitimate government in Syria for instance. These organizations ignore certain massive violations in Yemen because Saudi Arabia is sponsoring Human Rights Watch. So, you can basically see these double standards between what is being presented to the general public and sounds or feels good and what actually goes on. Basically, the notion of human rights is a tool of power and manipulation of the public.

In my own personal experience, it it very interesting because I adhere to a lot of ideas which someone would describe as being on the right. But at the same time, I am Russian. I was born in the Soviet Union, and I believe in a lot of positive things that are a part of Soviet history.I am simultaneously being attacked as a "communist" as a "Nazi", as a "racist" and all these things are being flung at me.

People who claim to adhere to all these nice gallantry values are using the most xenophobic language towards anyone who is against them. They are calling me a "Russian mail order bride" even thought I went to school, university etc in Canada and I have spent more than half of my life on this continent. Liberals are asking me abusive questions like if I am allowed to speak or if I am chained up in the kitchen and so forth. All these misogynistic and xenophobic statements are coming from people who claim to subscribe to human rights and feminists tendencies.

Therefore, you can really see the hypocrisy in the liberal agenda. They are promoting one thing and treating those who present a different voice in a completely different manner.