“We want a regime change in Russia”


The goals we have towards Russia are very big: we want nothing less than a regime change in Russia, which is very difficult to achieve with the economic pressure of the EU alone. If you really want to bring Russia to its knees economically, you will need a grand coalition of countries, because Europe alone cannot get everything it needs.

Economist-prince’s word, indeed the German “top economist”, according to DWN. Gabriel Felbermayr (actually “Austrian”), president for a year of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Institut für Weltwirtschaft - IfW), after having been director of the IFO (Institute for Economic Research) [1], the largest and most influential economic think tank in Germany and government prompter.

On economic issues, not political ones. Until today.

Because saying now in a very important interview (on German Radio [2]) that we want nothing less than regime change in Russia, “one of the country's leading economists is making public that they are pursuing the almost official goal of a change of power in another important country ” notes DWN. Who does the economist mean when he says “we” (We want nothing less than regime change)? Who wants nothing less than regime change in Russia? German economists? The German government? The EU Commission? The leadership of NATO? All of them?

One answer may be the Chancellor's willing participation in the accusation that it was Putin who had poisoned that 2% Naval’nyj – that with his escaped poisoning with Novichok (which does not forgive) the Western media, sweating seven shirts, are trying to pass as “the greatest Putin's political opponent ”.

As a side note: after having “healed” Naval’nyj of the Novichok, the German government hid him in the Black Forest (for “rehabilitation”), where he produced the video about Putin's alleged palace [3] on behalf of an American production company in Los Angeles.

A fake set up with that disarming mix of insulting arrogance, careless arbitrariness, and childishness that betrays the “signature” of the Brussels circles. Who believe in their own propaganda, that is, of representing the most perfect “rule of law” and want to spread it with sanctions on countries that do not obey “our values”, LGBT, gay marriage, uteri for rent, free abortion, gender, zero CO2, Pfizer vaccines, no public debt...


Economist Gabriel Felbermayr's interview with DeutchlandFunk focused precisely on the fact that EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell had gone to Moscow to demand Lavrov the release of Aleksej Naval’nyj, in the belief that - in fact - Europe alone knows the “rule of law” and Russia does not. Typical Eurocratic mixture of gratuitous insult and childishness, to which Lavrov replied as an adult, reminding Borrell that in his Catalonia - other than Naval’nyj - there are dozens of politicians in prison for the “crime” of asking for a referendum. He [Lavrov] sent Borrell a video showing the various beatings by European police [4] in unauthorized demonstrations in Western European countries.


[An image from Lavrov's video: democracy checks the beaten demonstrator if he's positive for COVID. The video has been removed from YouTube, for democracy.]

Lavrov added that Europe lied about the Naval’nyj poisoning and proved to be an unreliable partner. To conclude: “The main problem we are all facing is the lack of normality in relations between Russia and the European Union. An unhealthy situation that benefits no one”.

When Borrell returned brought down to earth with a shock, MEPs accused him of having “prepared the meeting poorly”: did they expect to see him return with Naval’nyj, delivered with humble apologies by the non-rule-of-law government? Infantilism is evidently rampant in the circles of power in Europe. After all, even the explosive declaration of the Top-of-the-ranks Economist betrays the delirium of omnipotence typical of the five-year-old: after confirming that we do not want less than regime change in Russia, he added that the sanctions of Europe alone are not enough.

“If you really want to bring Russia to its knees economically, you will need a grand coalition of countries. At least China would be needed on board and, ideally, India and other trading partners of Russia.”

At least China and India. At least. Xi and Narendra Mody will be seduced by the noble project of uniting in Berlin to overthrow Putin and putting Naval’nyj in power in Moscow, so that he can insert the right of fags to marry into the Russian Constitution by canceling the hateful that marriage is only between men and women.

And if David Sassoli [President of European Parliament] manages to summon Darth Vader and the Dark Side of the Force, regime change in Moscow is assured.

While these man-children are playing dangerously and are preparing to apply more severe sanctions to Putin on February 22, the German economic news bulletin recalls that “in recent years, the German economy has had to absorb most of the damage caused by Russian sanctions”. This is what the IfO Institute writes in an analysis published in October 2020 [5]:

“The company survey also shows that companies in East Germany are particularly affected by sanctions - in Saxony, for example, 60% of companies can be seen hindered in exporting to Russia. Problems with exports are cited much more often (by 28% of companies) than difficulties with imports (by 5%) or investments (by 7%). Companies in the manufacturing sector, especially in mechanical engineering, are the most frequently affected in relative terms. The automotive, chemical and logistics sectors are also largely affected. The 55% of large and the 42% of small and medium-sized enterprises would benefit from the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia, especially in the manufacturing sector.”

And you haven't seen anything yet.

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Original column by Maurizio Blondet:


Translation by Costantino Ceoldo