Yemen is the Imperialist's Graveyard

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Have you ever heard about a righteous nation that have been defeated by its enemies? Never!! It is historically and logically proven that every oppressor, occupier and coloniser has been tragically defeated whilst victory has been the resistance outcome. That is the case in Yemen, whatsoever. The phenomenal nation that has defeated both the Ottoman and others over ages. Since the onset of the imposed hostile war; the global revenge against the approach of resistance, the Yemenis have announced it loudly: Yemen is Yemen, it is the Imperialist's Graveyard.

Indeed, the capitalist hegemony has endured throughout the past decade consecutive disillusion. Their servility in June 2006's Lebanese war and their failure to subdivide Syria and Lebanon were two shocking smashing defeats. In both cases, their utmost goal has been to overthrow the resistance approach. Therefore, the only remaining opportunity was Yemen, the impoverished isolated state. However, those politically and ideologically stupid proxies have ignored that if one is financially in need; this would not influence his beliefs and values.

The Yemenis' resistance approach is an ideological firm doctrine. Neither the Saudis nor the Imperialist would be able to subdue them. It is true that they have been systematically bombarding every possible civil facilities using American and British advanced weapons, but the Yemenis are getting more courageous, resolute and steadfast to defend their sovereignty.

After approximately one month of the assault on the Red Sea port city of Hudaydah; none of the Imperialist's futile goals have been attained. The Yemenis are growing decisive and determined, day after day, to confront the invaders. The same conspiracy that has been fallen in Syria due the Syrian consciousness and perseverance to safeguard their hometown; would exactly triumph in Yemen.

Unequivocally, the Zionist dream to overwhelm the strategic coastal line of Hudaydah will remain a dream. The Yemenis are the native indigenous inhabitants unlike the Saudis who have been empowered by the British colonialism, since the 18th century. Absolutely, the Saudis have no cause or doctrine and are ready to be shamefully subjugated by the West; merely because they want to solidify their dictatorships.

Today, the free American and European nations are asked to exert every possible efforts on their governments and politicians to stop the Yemeni Genocide. The drastically escalating humanitarian crisis cannot be anymore ignored. They should refuse their countries' unlimited expenditure on backing the terrorist monarchies. This tremendous financial support, instead of being spent on tackling the ongoing economic crisis in the U.S. and U.K., is unfortunately being spent on murdering innocent Yemeni children and Youth.

Yemenis would never surrender to the arrogant Saudis, Takfiris, Wahhabis, Zionists, Imperialists, Capitalists, etc. Resistance is their only opportunity and accordingly they will shortly triumph. The approach of resistance can never be perceived by the tyrannical regiem who the more they oppress; the more they ignite the spirit of revolution, rejection and courage within the  deprived nations. Certainly, the Yemenis today are more bold to maintain victory and freedom.