What is White Genocide?


With the rise of the Alt-Right comes the theory of White Genocide “which contends that mass immigration, racial integration, miscegenation, low fertility rates, abortion, organized violence and eliminationism are being promoted in predominantly white countries to deliberately turn them minority-white and hence cause white people to become extinct through forced assimilation.”

Some liberals and leftists dismiss White Genocide as “neo-Nazi, alt-right, white nationalist, and white supremacist theory.” Others, however, like Roberto H. Hernandez, assistant professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies at San Diego State University, and George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of politics and global studies at Drexel University, actively call for White Genocide.

For Hernandez, White Genocide is the key to the earth’s survival. In his words: “White Genocide would not only be good, it is necessary and even unavoidable.” On Christmas Eve, of all times, Maher posted that “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” José Angel Gutierrez, a Chicano activist and university professor, stated, quite bluntly, that “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” Kamau Kambon, a former professor of African-American Studies, also promoted the Final Solution to the White Problem: “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.”

These are the type of racist degenerates who are teaching or rather indoctrinating young people in the Western world, infecting their minds with liberal and leftist viruses. Whites are the only race of people that can be subjected to stereotypes and slandered with impunity since, after all, claim leftists and liberals, only whites can be racist and non-whites cannot possibly be racist. For some, this is whites getting what they deserve. They dished out their racism and imperialism for over two-thousand years from the time of the Romans to the Americans. The chickens have finally come home to roost.

The issue, however, is not one of wiping white people from the face of the earth but making them understand that the powerful among them cannot continue treating people of color as if they were animals, as if blacks were sub-human, as if indigenous people were devoid of souls, and as if Asians were inferiors. White Genocide by demographic decline might be an eventual possibility; however, the actual physical and cultural genocides committed by whites are a historical and contemporary reality.

White people or more accurately people of European ancestry are indeed in a steep demographic decline. Whether it is Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand, white people, in majority white nations, are dying in greater numbers than they are being born. Mass immigration might be accelerating their demographic decline; however, immigrants cannot be blamed for the fact that white people fail to properly procreate. Mass immigration of non-whites to white-majority nations was not presented as a means of exterminating whites: it was presented as a move to keep the gluttonous capitalist machine eating, producing, and polluting. It simply could not be sustained by an aging materialistic white population with little interest in having more than one or two children per family. To scapegoat immigrants of other races and ethnicities is not the solution. People of color are not the problem. It is global capitalism that is the problem and it victimizes us all.

While white nationalists complain that their political leaders did not encourage European immigration, the arrival of more whites to places like Canada, Western Europe, and Australia would not have solved the problem since Europeans from the Old World have an even lower fertility rate than those of the New World. Rather than bring in immigrants from Europe, the masters of the capitalist world order brought them by the millions from Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, where people typically produce larger families. The global elites do not care about individuals, communities or nations: they care only about their profits. For them, human beings are simply a source of labor, a means to an end.

As demonized as they may be by the corporate media that is controlled by the globalists, these much-maligned immigrants and refugees, most of whom were victimized by Western colonialism for centuries, and whose countries continue to suffer from its consequences, came to the Western world, not with the intent of overwhelming white people to the point of extermination, but in search of a better life. Hence, it is not fair to blame immigrants for causing White Genocide when White Suicide was set in motion by white people themselves, due to low fertility rates, and by the policies of primarily white political and economic leaders. Clearly, on the issue of White Genocide or rather White Suicide, neither the left nor the right is entirely correct.

Human beings, as a whole, should be collectively concerned about the plight of European, Caucasian or white people in the same way that they should be concerned for people of other races and ethnicities. Humanity consists of families, communities, tribes, ethnic groups, races, nationalities, religions, and cultures, all of which have the inherent right to exist. To promote White Genocide is as abhorrent as promoting Black Genocide. To celebrate the end of whites is like celebrating the end of the Roma, the Cherokees, the Choctaws, the Creeks, the Seminoles, the Quechua-Aymaras, the Armenians, the Assyrians, the Yezidis, the Rohingyas, and the Jews. It is contemptible and despicable. It is sub-human. It is inhumane.

If, in the eyes of the globalists, diversity will ultimately lead to the disappearance of races, languages, cultures, borders, and religions, then, it is indeed a codeword for genocide, not only the end of the white race, but the end of all races, for true diversity does not mean that we all become the same: it means that we all remain different and distinct, with various degrees of intermixing and exchange on all levels. Diversity, to a moderate degree, contributes to a country. Diversity, when dispersed and designed to promote integration, is positive. If, however, diversity means that the minorities become the majorities, and that the population of the country or continent is replaced by people from other countries or continents, then, in the views of nationalists, it is destructive and detrimental. It is reverse colonialism. The same can be said if the ultimate goal of diversity is human homogenization: the create of a single cosmic race, language, culture, and worldview.

For nationalists, Europe should be for Europeans, Africa for Africans, and Asia for Asians. For nationalists, Europeans should not be replaced by North Africans, Africans, and Middle-Easterners. For nationalists, Canadians should not be replaced by East Indians and Orientals. At the same time, nationalists believe that North African Arabs and Berbers should not be replaced by black Africans and that black Africans should not be replaced by the Chinese. From the point of view of those who resist globalization, nations have the right and obligation to manage the racial, ethnic, linguistic, and religious make-up of their countries responsibly to ensure integration, social solidarity and stability. If you bring in one thousand Germans into Paris, they eventually become French: they integrate. However, if you bring one million Germans into Paris, then Paris become Germany. The same applies to any other ethnic or national groups. It is simply common sense.

Ironically, nationalists and anti-globalists who claim that they are being replaced by other races are denouncing the very actions that their European ancestors committed against the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas, the Pacific Islands, and Oceania, who themselves were exterminated and replaced. Nationalists and anti-globalists may denounce the Great Replacement that is supposedly taking place in the Western world, where the traditional racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural groups are being slowly supplanted by immigrants from North Africa, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, when, in reality the real Great Replacement was the Indigenous Genocide of the Americas, conscientiously or not.

It should be kept in mind that the number of deaths that took place during the Conquest of the Americas and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is difficult to determine since some scholars provide much higher estimates while others provide lower ones. Consequently, the figure is an average. This extermination took place on a planet that was the home to 1 billion human beings in 1800. Today, it is the home to 7 billion people. If this genocide took place today, it would be the equivalent of exterminating seven hundred million people.

If anything, what is happening in Europe should be called the Little Replacement. What is more, the real Great Replacement involved the physical extermination of nearly 100 million human beings whereas the Little Replacement that is reportedly taking place in Europe is largely non-violent and includes the arrival of millions of political, religious, and economic refugees, who are fleeing the violence imposed upon their countries by Western governments and global elites.

Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand all faces serious challenges. White Genocide mighty be dismissed by liberals and leftists as a conspiracy theory; however, the demographic decline of people of European ancestry is a reality. Although it will not happen overnight, and the process could take half a century, which is actually quite short in historical terms, people of European ancestry will become an even smaller minority in the world and may eventually disappear unless concrete actions are taken to prevent their extinction.

Canada’s case is disconcerting to nationalists. As a nation, Canada was founded on three cultures, that of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, along with the French and the British. Until the appearance of Prime Minister Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, who introduced a policy of official multiculturalism in the 1970s and 1980s, immigrants to Canada were expected to integrate or assimilate into one of these communities and adopt one of the two official languages: English or French. For nationalists, this socially-engineered multiculturalism, advocated by proponents of a single Global Government, has eroded Canada’s national identity and its official languages and cultures.

This globalist multiculturalism, which stands in contrast to the traditional and organic model of multiculturalism proposed by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and which was upheld by Muslim authorities in Islamic Spain and the Ottoman Empire, means divisive diversity as opposed to unity, elitism as opposed to populism, and globalism as opposed to nationalism. And while the United States is not an officially multicultural nation, its leaders, including president Bill Clinton, have described the end of a dominant European culture as “the third great revolution of America.” European politicians, such as Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, also revealed that “Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.” He intimated that Germany, like other majority-white Western nations, was being weakened both internally and externally by unelected forces.

The markers of identity include race, ethnicity, language, culture, history, and religion. They bind communities. They rally troops to war. If the majority of Americans become Mexican Americans, how willing would they be to wage war on Mexico? If the majority of Americans become Hispanics, and Spanish is introduced as a second language, and perhaps eventually the sole official language, who will stop them? If the majority of Americans are Mexican Americans, and they decide to merge the United States and Mexico, who will stop them? If the majority of British Columbia in Canada becomes Chinese, and a referendum is held in support of Chinese annexation, who will stop them? If the majority of Europeans become Muslims, how could Europeans wage a war against Muslims?

For nationalists and anti-globalists, the multicultural secular utopia is a dystopia: it is a plot to weaken collective human resolve to make them easier to control, manipulate, and dominate.

Nationalism is not racism if its goal is the self-preservation of all nations. If diversity is such a good thing, argue nationalists, why is it only imposed upon people of European ancestry? Without borders, language, and culture, no nation is sovereign. For nationalists, what is happened in Europe, North America, and Oceania compares to the fall of the Roman Empire. They feel that they are under siege, being overrun by barbarians. The French feel they are being colonized by those they colonized. The Spanish feel that they must fight for the Re-Conquest once again.  

In the 1980s, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, was primarily composed of people of European ancestry. By 2011, however, visible minorities represented two-thirds of the population: 40% were East Asians, 20% of them Sikhs. Old stock Canadians, who ancestors have been in the country for centuries, represented a mere 26% of the city in 2016. With a population of 234,445 in 1991 to 521,315 in 2011, Brampton now counts nearly 600,000 residents: 70 to 80% of whom are visible minorities, most of whom were born abroad, and who identify primarily with their country of origin as opposed to their country of adoption.

As Noreen Ahmed-Ullah observed, speaking of Brampton, “Sometimes, I wonder if I live in India or Canada.” As an East Indian, she has the right to make such observations. A Canadian of any other race or ethnicity would be condemned as a racist for stating the obvious. Once a prosperous, safe, middle-class, predominantly Caucasian community, Brampton is now labelled as a ghetto by its East Indian inhabitants. It is not only Canadians of European ancestry who feel displaced, as a black resident mentioned to Noreen Ahmed-Ullah, “I’ve been here longer, and I feel like an outsider.”

Brampton is not the exception in Canada. Take, for example, the transformation of the city of Toronto. Once the commercial center of white, English-speaking, Canada, it is now a majority visible minority urban center at 51.5%. While 70% of Montreal’s population remains of European ancestry, 30% belongs to visible minorities, 80% of whom are allophones, namely, people who speak neither French nor English as their mother tongues. Although 57% of Montrealers speak French at home, the future of the French language, and the French-Canadian culture of Quebec depends on the successful integration of its immigrants. Although they live in a majority Francophone city and province, many immigrants to Montreal and Quebec prefer to learn the English language.

Rather than being drawn to the English Canadian or French-Canadian poles, some immigrants are insisting on maintaining their cultures and languages of origin, as opposed to integrating into the Canadian fabric. French departments are closing throughout Canada only to be replaced with programs that teach Hindi or Urdu. Will this be the new divide in Canada, Hindi-speaking Hindus versus Urdu-speaking Muslims as opposed to English-speaking Protestants versus French-speaking Catholics? The case of Vancouver is even more exasperating for many Canadian nationalists. As Eric Kaufmann, a professor at the University of London, reports, seven out of 10 Vancouver residents will be visible minorities within two decades. As for Canada as a whole, 80% of its population, as opposed to 20% today, will be non-white in less than one hundred years. For nationalists, this is cause for concern as it represents a fundamental change in the fabric of the country and will invariably alter its culture and politics.

As statistics and demographic projections suggest, the white race risks going extinct and will become the minority in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, its continent of origin, by 2050. Europeans will soon be minorities in their major cities. Immigrants now represent 29% of the population in Amsterdam, 35% in Brussels, 37% in London, 39% in Mannhein, and 42% in Lausanne. As European nationalists ask: Is this desirable and is this acceptable? How would the people of India feel if their borders were opened to virtually unlimited Chinese immigration to the point that the Chinese started to become the majority of the country?

“If Canada continues along its present path,” writes Martin Collacott, former Canadian ambassador in Asia and the Middle East, “we will become one of the first and perhaps the only country in the world to voluntarily allow its population to be largely replaced by people from elsewhere. Is this what Canadians want for their children and their descendants? Almost certainly not. And yet we are letting it happen through a combination of willful ignorance, political and financial greed and an excess of political correctness.”

The situation described by Martin Collacott, however, is precisely what the Europeans that settled Canada, the United States, and the rest of the Americas did to its Aboriginal inhabitants. If these so-called white nationalists in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania would like some solidarity, they can start by showing some sympathy for the indigenous populations that their people displaced and replaced. Right historical wrongs and they might make themselves some useful allies. Unless, of course, their nationalism is merely a patriotic cover for racism and supremacism, a nostalgic longing for colonialism, and aspirations at renewed and reinvigorated imperialism. For many indigenous people, Europeans stole their land only to give it away to Asians and Orientals.

Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister of Canada, has recently proclaimed that the country may become “the first post-national state” since “there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” His comments were applauded by the intellectual agents of the New World Order. Despite the designs of the globalists, Canada remains, for the time being, a country. Try to tell the First Nations that they do not have an identity. Try to tell the Inuit and the Métis that they do not have an identity. Try to tell the Quebecois, the Acadians, and other French Canadians that they do not have an identity. Quebec is very much a distinct culture and nation within Canada or, if need be, outside of it.

Although Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a willing pawn of the globalists, he eventually expressed misgivings regarding multiculturalism in the 1990s. His son, however, Justin Trudeau, is very much committed to killing bilingual and bicultural Canada. As far as nationalists and anti-globalists are concerned, it is genocide by policy. It may be slower and more palatable than gas chambers, they argue, but it is ethnic, linguistic, and cultural genocide nonetheless. Within half a century, claim nationalists and anti-globalists, and only if it continues to resist globalist capitalist secularists, Russia may be the last remaining white country in the world.

With the millions of immigrants and refugees flowing into North America and Western Europe, European people are finally getting their just deserts. However, not all whites living today can be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors. No civilization can claim absolute innocence. And while it is fine with indigenous people if white people want to decline in numbers, and demographic changes are natural, and take place gradually over the long term, nationalists and anti-globalists argue that the current population replacement is artificial and orchestrated: namely, it is part of a globalist, capitalist, strategy, conceived by Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), an Austrian-Japanese Freemason.

In his book, Praktischer Idealismus or Practical Idealism, published in the 1920s, Kalergi argued that a racially and ethnically diverse multicultural society, in which national sovereignty and self-determination were eliminated, and which was devoid of a common identity, could be easily controlled by a council of unelected elites. Not only did he call for the destruction of European nations, he called for the deliberate genocide of the Caucasian race of the European continent through mass migration and miscegenation. In his words,

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals…

Although Kalergi recognized the accomplishments of the European race, he did not wish to conserve or strengthen it; rather, he wished to weaken and destroy it by mixing it with Africans and Asians; thereby facilitating world domination by global elites. Rather than a relic of the past, nationalists argue that the ideas of the Kalergi, a racist supremacist genocidal maniac, remain an inspiration to globalists.

The intellectual forefather of the European Union, who dreamed of a One World Government under the control of globalist elites, Kalergi is celebrated and revered by Western leaders. The Coudenove-Kalergi Prize, also known as the Charlemagne Prize, was created to honor those who promote his plan. It has been awarded to the likes of Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, the former prime minister of Belgium and the first President of the European Union, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Pope Francis, and Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament.

According to anti-globalists, the Kalergi Plan is alive and well today and is embraced by the European Union and the United Nations. It is called Forced Migration and Population Replacement.

According to traditionalists, who believe in strong and sovereign nation-states, it is called undermining Western nations to make them more multicultural and therefore easier to manipulate. Replacement Migration is not a conspiracy theory. It has been promoted by the United Nations since the year 2000 and continues to be touted today as a solution to a declining and aging population in the Western world (https://www.un.org/esa/population/publications/migration/ migration.htm). The globalists do not wish to strengthen European families; they simply wish to replace them with non-Europeans.

As much as nationalists and anti-globalists object to mass immigration, they rarely seek rational solutions. The Aboriginal birthrate has been soaring, growing by 20% between 2006 and 2011. If they are so opposed to bringing foreigners to the country, why don’t they support the growth of indigenous people? Why invest in immigrants and refugees when you can invest in Canadian citizens: Native Canadian citizens?

Immigrants cost Canada 23 billion dollars per year. That’s for a quarter of a million newcomers. In contrast, the 2018 Canadian budget set aside 4.7 billion towards indigenous people over the next five years. That is less than 1 billion per year and that is for one and a half million Aboriginal Canadians. How fair and equitable is that? This is not an argument that most nationalists will advance since they dislike indigenous people as much as they dislike non-European immigrants. And some of them dislike Muslims most of all.

Why are some nationalists and anti-globalists so hostile to Muslims? Is it merely because they are racist and xenophobic? Such stereotyping serves no useful purpose as people on the right can no more be painted with the same brush as people on the left. The problem with most Muslims is their lack of political maturity and lack of agency. They have been the slaves, servants, and soldiers of European imperialists for centuries and, to a large extent, continue to be so. They may have been emancipated physically, however, many of them remain enslaved psychologically.

What, then, is the primary role of Muslim immigrants in places like Canada? According to Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister of Canada, Muslims should be at the forefront of the fight against so-called racist white Canadians who refuse to be replaced by immigrants who belong to visible minorities.

For nationalists, Muslims, like most immigrants, are being deployed like armies, forces of conquest, occupation, and colonization, by globalist elites. As if that were not enough, immigrants are largely unconscious of the role they play in geopolitical games. After all, many of them are fleeing their countries as a result of wars created by the same forces that are using them strategically.

For nationalists, the danger comes when the minorities become the majorities in what were previously European majority nations. They might become the majority; however, they will never hold the keys that lead to power and authority. Their only role is being easier to control than the people they replaced, namely, the class-conscious, entitled, educated, and empowered Europeans.

The majority rules, so they say. As nationalists and anti-globalists argue, however, the majority of Canadians, Americans, Europeans, Australians, and New Zealanders were never asked whether they wanted to be replaced by visible minorities from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The issue was never subjected to a referendum. They never asked English, French or Native Canadians how they felt. The same can be said for Europeans. Apparently, that was part of the plan. As Jean Monnet, the founding father of the European Union, stated in 1952, “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening.”

For Frans Timmermans, the EU Commission Vice President who is running to be its next president, the total destruction of Europe is a “matter of destiny.” In his words,

Diversity is now in some parts of Europe seen as a threat. Diversity comes with challenges. But diversity is humanity’s destiny. There is not going to be, even in the remotest places of this planet, a nation that will not see diversity in its future. That’s where humanity is heading. And those politicians trying to sell to their electorates a society that is exclusively composed of people from one culture, are trying to portray a future based on a past that never existed, therefore that future will never be.

If this is diversity, namely, the end of national cultures, then diversity is indeed a code word for racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious genocide. And if this so-called diversity, produced by forced migrations, were the destiny of the world, why is it only being imposed in the developed world, in North America, western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia? When Europeans settle in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, it is condemned as colonialism. When foreigners invade Europe by the millions, it is called diversity. Why is it that the Western world is expected to have open borders while the rest of the world is not? Do the Arabs, Africans, and Asians, have open borders? Are they willing to be overwhelmed and outnumbered by outsiders? No, most of the nations of the world, including developed nations such as China and Japan, allow little to no immigration and, despite having some internal diversity, insist on having a strong national identity shared by all.

As nationalists explain, politicians, doing the bidding of the globalists, allowed millions of immigrants and refugees to enter Western nations to ensure their continued re-election, and making it difficult, and eventually impossible, for conservatives and nationalists to put a halt to immigration. When the majority of voters are in support of immigration and borderless societies, explain nationalists, it is impossible to elect politicians who oppose immigration or who advocate a reasoned and measured approach that does not jeopardize national interests, security, and stability.

Unfortunately, argue analysts, democratic dialogue is not even an option as the so-called defenders of freedom of expression seek to censor opponents of globalism, accusing them all of them, without exception, of being white supremacists, racists, fascists, and neo-Nazis, when most of them are simply conservatives, traditionalists, and nationalists. In fact, those who espouse hateful and violent views have fallen into a trap set by the globalists. In other words, they fail to grasp geopolitical complexities.

The globalists rape, pillage, and plunder the planet, explain nationalists, particularly the African continent, the Middle East, and Latin America. Their actions send millions of migrants into the United States, Canada, and Western Europe where they are intended to supplant the nationals, destroy the “entitled” middle-class that is difficult to manage due to education and moderate amounts of wealth, replacing them with a multicultural and multiracial mass which, despite its purported propensity toward criminality, is easier to control and manipulate since it lacks social consciousness, political acumen, and economic clout. According to nationalist analysis, the globalists destroy diversity in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America while deploying diversity to destroy the Western world.

Nonetheless, the enemies of anti-globalist nationalists are not the refugees and the immigrants, something that is lost on some members of the alt-right. In fact, they are victims and unwitting accomplices. The real enemies are the global elites who have destroyed and devastated the developing world and who are dedicated to turning the first world into the third world. Rather than complain about refugees, nationalists should complain about the wars and the terrible social situations that create them. Both Western citizens and refugees are victims of the same globalist overlords.

The globalists are at war with humanity as a whole. They seek to eliminate or enslave at will. They care about themselves and themselves alone. They are committed to concentrating all wealth in their hideous hands. In their evil eyes, our only purpose is to serve them and enrich them. Hence, there is no room for racism, prejudice, and discrimination in this struggle. It is not a race war but a war for the human race, all included, a socio-political and economic war of planetary proportions.

The world is not simply facing so-called “White Genocide,” it is facing “Human Genocide.” All of humanity is in peril. What difference does it make if the Western world becomes multiracial if everyone shares the same secular cultural worldview? The greatest threat to the Western world, and the world as a whole, is not the influx of immigrants and refugees, but the brainwashing that has been taking place on a planetary scale, the relativization of religion, the loss of collective identity, the erosion and eradication of traditional morality, and the destruction of the family. Replacing billions of brainwashed Europeans with billions of brainwashed Africans, Middle-Easterners, and Asians will produce the same results: a prison planet, filled with debt-slaves and indentured workers.

So, beware of anti-Semites for they are those who have taken the bait from the globalists: they have swallowed everything, hook, line and sinker. Among the globalists are people of every race, religion, nationality, and ethnicity. They include people who publicly profess to be Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists when, in reality, their true beliefs and actions belie their Luciferian convictions.

Beware of barbie dolls like Lauren Southern and other so-called “traditionalists” who use their sex-appeal to denounce globalism and the Great Replacement while espousing racism and Islamophobia. Serious intellectuals, activists, and journalists do not feel obliged to parade around in tank tops and short shorts They are simply diversions at the service of the globalists. They want dissidents to focus on Muslims, identify them as the enemy, target immigrants, and target everyone and anyone with the exception of the real global elites.

The globalists want semi-conscious subjects to blame the victims as opposed to the victimizers. People are not the enemy. The enemies are the one-percenters, the global elites, that play races and religions against one another and profit from the chaos, death, and destruction that they cause. Rather than appeal to nationalism, which leads some to racism, anti-globalists should appeal of humanism and rally all of humanity against its collective enemies.

In the war against the New World Order, true Islam, traditional and civilizational, is not the threat. Takfiri/Wahhabi/Salafism, so-called “Radical Islamism” is the threat; however, it is not a Muslim menace. It is an ideology that has been created, supported, and deployed in the service of the globalists since the engineered destruction of the Ottoman Empire a century ago. If Islam is demonized by the corporate media and the corporatocracies that pretend to be sovereign nation states, it is because it poses a threat to their planetary designs.

True Islam is not the problem. It is part of the solution. So far, however, only a minority of Muslims have seized upon Islam’s true socio-economic and political potential. Most, unfortunately, have succumbed to the hypnotism of secular humanism and liberalism. Some have succumbed to the lure of so-called Radical Islam and its promised utopia. They run from the fires set by the Beast directly into its den.

What would it take to save Europe and the European-majority nations in the Americas and Oceania? It would require radical and revolutionary measures: an end to massive immigration which means an end to wars of profit and the deliberate debilitation and destruction of nation-states; a return to traditional religious and family values, including an emphasis on procreation; and an end to savage, immoral, parasitic, an insatiable capitalism, namely, killing the Dragon, and replacing it with a moral, sustainable, mixed economy committed to ecological harmony. Is any of this feasible? God knows best. And even if drastic measures were taken, some demographers and social scientists would warn that they are twenty years too late.

As far as cynics are concerned, the damage is already done. The harm is irreparable. Liberalism is effectively undermining collective identity and community cohesion. The globalists are well on their way to sweep away national democracies and replace them with a secular “multicultural” super-state, espousing a One World Religion, and governed by an unelected elite. Since the globalists have long abandoned national identities, they are determined to turn the First World into the Third World. Only a united front, consisting -- not of white supremacists, fascists, and radical Islamists -- but of concerned human beings and believers of all races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, and religions, stands a chance of slowing their progress and perhaps even stopping them in their tracks. Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis. (Thus I always bring death to tyrants).